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Dátum 18.11.2018

Vložil GregoryBiz

Titulok You won $ 1950 today

Hello! You won $ 1950 today, I'm sure of that.

Because it is a bitcoin win-win lottery!

One cryptocurrency multimillionaire who wished to remain incognito organized it.

You just need to send 0.05 bitcoins to the specified wallet and within 3 hours 0.35 bitcoins will come to your wallet that equals $ 1950.

You can participate once a day. The lottery will be held until November 25, 2018.

Hurry up to get your $ 1950 for this day. Send 0.05 bitcoins to the selected wallet for your game: 1Q4tfBmpiNGGAtUc9Vo2Zo3Rsjs2KFb7AR

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